Justin Danger

The story

What's all this then?

Let me start by explaining the description on the front page. Since I was too young to remember exactly what age I was I have been interested in cameras. Not necessarily the pictures being taken with them, but the process of taking pictures, developing them, and seeing how it turned out. That interest remained into adulthood.

The last thing I remember really having fun with as a kid was a Polaroid 600 that blew through my parent's money at $13 per ten pack, then I kind of stopped. After a brief pause of 12 years or so, I picked it back up with the gift of a like-new 1993 Minolta X-370 complete with all of its books, papers, lenses, and accessories. From there it spiraled into collecting cameras from thrift shops and yard sales and here we are.

The Cameras

The Minolta X-370 is a 35mm SLR with a light meter. I usually have a long lens of some sort on it, rarely ever use the 50mm that it came with. Its all metal and quite heavy.

My favorite camera is sadly one I probably will only use once or twice more, my 1965 Polaroid 230 instant camera. Fuji decided to start making film several years ago and now have stopped. My friend found this for me and bought it for $3. I cleaned it, made a battery pack, and started taking pictures 40 years after the fact. I have started a lot of conversations with it and left several random people with photos in the time I have had it.

The Polaroid Sun 600 was a thrift store find that had a pack of film still in it. Expired really meant expired for this so most of the pictures were pretty bad in a cool way.

My mom sent me a Polaroid Job Pro she bought at a flea market a little after I had the 230 up and running. I was able to get a few packs of 2007 film from a coworker's girlfriend and they worked pretty well. A cool faded look that instagram tries in vain to replicate.

At some point I found a Nikon L35 AD2 point & shoot at Goodwill and shot two rolls of film with it. The flash refused to pop up and fire so I ended up with some cool nighttime pictures. The date stamp is cool too.

I bought the Canon WP-1 waterproof 35mm point & shoot at a thrift store in Jacksonville on my first visit there in about 2011/2012 for $3. The first roll I shot had a cool widescreen effect due to a plastic cover not being snapped in place inside the camera. I haven't developed the rolls after I fixed it.

I have several more that haven't made it on the site yet, including one of the last 35mm film cameras (Nikon Maxxum 7) more to come on those!